Natural Menopause Symptom Relief


Menopause is truly a difficult and challenging process for most women.

If you are a woman suffering from the symptoms of menopause, we don’t need to tell you the discomfort you feel. Pain, hot flashes, lack of sleep just to name a few issues you are dealing with. You also no doubt have heard of and maybe used hormone therapies to try to lessen the effects of these symptoms.

With all therapies however come possible side effects and risks, which you try to avoid if possible. Some potential risks of hormone therapy include:

    • Urinary incontinence. Use of estrogen plus progestin increased the risk of urinary incontinence (1).
    • Dementia. …
    • Stroke, blood clots, and heart attack. …
    • Breast cancer. …
    • Lung cancer. …
  • Colorectal cancer.

Due to these and other risks many women seek natural therapies to at least accentuate if not replace those standard therapies, like hormones.

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