Who We Are

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change is a company devoted to the science of health, and keeping up to date with both trends and research in healthcare. Our desire is to help guide people in search of healthy approaches to lifestyle to assist in mitigating potential and current chronic illness. This site is not designed to offer medical care or diagnosis of any conditions, and no information should be used outside consultation with either your own doctor, or our consulting physician Dr. Barry R Marfleet, MD. Dr Marfleet has over 40 years of experience in practice and is located in the Southern California area. James Marfleet is the Lifestyle Educator and Nutritional Consultant we use to discuss and administer health and wellness protocols which are designed in conjunction with medical consultation to afford our clients with the best possible care and information to allow them the best treatment options, both allopathic and natural. We incorporate what is called Functional Medicine, an approach that merges the best natural, holistic, herbal, and  traditional medicine to affect the best outcomes and utilize the most advanced research modern medicine and molecular biology.

We have locations in Orange County and Riverside County and offer consultations both in person and over the phone to help our clients identify and address aspects of lifestyle that can be adjusted for better overall quality of life and health.

Healthy Living By Choice